Rest at ease.

The ZONE System is fully PCI compliant.

The technology used by our system is LAN blocking and access point isolation. Even though they have access to the Internet, your WiFi users cannot see your local network.

Your local network is where your POS system, servers and business PCs reside. And even though there is no security encryption on the ZONE System (by design), the access point isolation prevents any single user from seeing another user. So each device is secure on it's own little network.

Furthermore, you will not use the ZONE System to process credit card transactions because that occurs over your local network, which is blocked from every free WiFi user.

We recommend that if you have secure WiFi to run your POS system or parts of your POS system, that you leave that system in place. However, if you offer WiFi for your guests, we require you deactivate that system and direct them to the ZONE free WiFi system for data collection and marketing options.