Why do I need your system?

Maybe you don’t.

If you are interested only in providing the same boring WiFi access to your customers then a passive $50 Linksys WiFi router from Walmart might work just fine for you. But if you prefer a smart WiFi system that entices your customers to stay longer, buy more, come back often and refer their friends… one that gives you a window to advertise, conduct surveys and solicit reviews; maybe you should read further.

What is ZONE Marketplace?

ZONE Marketplace is the creator and manager of a state-of-the-art complete business WiFi marketing system. We call it Smart WiFi. This system can easily be installed at any business location which has an existing ISP (Internet Service Provider) like Time Warner or Cox Cable.

Businesses using this system are referred to as Hosts (as in they are “hosting” the system).

The system requires your WiFi users to log in using either their social network login (like Facebook or Twitter) or by giving their email address and cell phone number. Once logged in the Host might deliver a real-time message or advertisement to that user. More importantly, the users’ log in information is placed into the Host’s ZONE-managed database and held for future Host email and text (and other) marketing campaigns conducted by ZONE on behalf of the Host.

No other system on the market today offers this versatile marketing capability.

What do you mean by Smart WiFi marketing system?

Without our proprietary marketing system ZONE would be just another WiFi provider. There are several companies today that offer their version of WiFi “marketing”. Most of those companies promise to increase your business presence through Facebook and other social network logins, not bad in and of itself. But no other company provides custom specific hardware or A to Z marketing options like we do.

When we say WiFi marketing system we really mean it. ZONE offers its Hosts hundreds of marketing options displayed both on their in-house system to real-time users and, more importantly, a ZONE-managed database of prior users for future recurring marketing campaigns hours, weeks or months later.

What about security?

The ZONE System is fully PCI compliant.

The technology used by our system is LAN blocking and access point isolation. Even though they have access to the Internet, your WiFi users cannot see your local network.

Your local network is where your POS system, servers and business PCs reside. And even though there is no security encryption on the ZONE System (by design), the access point isolation prevents any single user from seeing another user. So each device is secure on it's own little network.

Furthermore, you will not use the ZONE System to process credit card transactions because that occurs over your local network, which is blocked from every free WiFi user.

We recommend that if you have secure WiFi to run your POS system or parts of your POS system, that you leave that system in place. However, if you offer WiFi for your guests, we require you deactivate that system and direct them to the ZONE free WiFi system for data collection and marketing options.

How does it install?

Our small pre-programmed router simply plugs into your business ISP router, replacing your existing business WiFi with our powerful signal.

What does the registration and set-up fee include?

This one-time fee covers custom hardware and software, creation of your designated Zone database, and custom design of your login and splash pages… everything you need to get started is delivered to your door.

You will never be required to pay this fee again as long as you maintain a continuous month-to-month service agreement.

What does the monthly service fee include?

1. Ongoing system support

If for any reason the system fails we will repair or replace it free of charge.

2. Free periodic changes to your splash page

We’ll give you a free monthly update to your pages on request unless you are conducting ZONE campaigns which require it more frequently.

3.  Database management

4. Campaign participation

Your monthly service fee gives you access to customized ZONE email and text campaigns. Of course you can conduct your own campaigns.

5. Reporting

We’ll send you monthly (or more often if you require it) reports on your WiFi use, database status and campaign results.

What can I do on my splash page?

Your splash page is a page most users will view following log in to your system. On this page you can display things like:

Your Facebook Page (highly recommended)

o We can display your Facebook page so users will see it in real time.


Special offers

Current news headlines

Sports Headlines



Request for reviews


o Real time coupons, too. “Show this digital coupon to your server and get a free appetizer with 2 entrees.”

Much, much, more.

Can you give me some campaign ideas?

Of course. There are hundreds of campaign variations. You can connect with your prior visitors as often as you like through inexpensive text and email campaigns created and executed for you by Zone. Tell us what you want and we deliver!

You decide what message you want to deliver, when and to whom in your database you would like to deliver it. ZONE does the rest. Like:

Thank you/Bring back

o We’ll send a text or email to yesterday’s (or last week’s or last month’s) users thanking them for visiting and offer them a coupon for a return visit…. Or ask for a review (we can place a direct link to review sites like Urban Spoon or TripAdvisor)… or link them to your website, etc.

Season Greetings

Holiday Promotions

Referral program

o Give a coupon by text or email in return for forwarding your invite to their friends (give them a coupon, too).

Build newsletter subscribers for your newsletter

Promote an upcoming event.

o Superbowl? Valentine’s? Fried Fish Fridays?